Soft mewing VS hard mewing | The differences among 3 suction levels on correct tongue posture

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3 Mewing suction levels
#1 1:03
#2 1:52
#3 2:42

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What is Koko Face Yoga?
Koko Face Yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance, natural alternative to botox or plastic surgery! We wake up sleeping facial muscles in the face to lift up the skin and relax over-working facial muscles for wrinkle reduction.

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Drunk Elephant, ipsy, Athleta, Popsugar, HUM Nutrition, Lorna Jane, Uruoi Skincare, and more!

What is Face Posture?
In addition to the exercises, I HIGHLY focus on the importance of moving the facial muscles properly for daily facial activities, such as resting face, drinking, eating, smiling, yawning, etc, because face exercises are important and effective, but they are done in a short time. In general, you should be doing the exercises only 3-5 minutes per day. So if you are moving the muscles in an unfavorable way for your daily facial activities, you won’t see good results.

What are the 2 kinds of facial muscles?
For example, every time you raise your eyebrows and forehead up, the muscles remember the motion and show as lines (muscle memory). Every time you squint and cause 11th lines between eyebrows, they stay there even when you are not squinting. They are some overworking muscle examples. The other muscles are categorized as sleeping muscles, which mean that they just start sagging with age and gravity. For example, eye area, cheeks and neck muscles are sitting there and unless you strategically, consciously workout, they start sagging and cause unnecessary wrinkles.

How old am I?
41 years old as of 2020 winter.

How did I get interested in Face Yoga?
At the age of 27, I was advised to add an implant by a doctor, so did it, because the doctor told me that it can be easily removed if I don’t like it. Unfortunately, the chin got distorted and I didn’t like it, so obviously had it removed, but the chin has never been the same as before. It is distorted to the side (asymmetrical chin), which made me realize that I should have pursued more natural alternatives such as Face Yoga!

Any questions?
I really appreciate your comments and read all of them, but cannot answer there. So if you want to be answered by us, please email smile@
AI Koko is a great way to find answers too. If the robot cannot answer, we will answer. Arigato!

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