[LIVE] Shiny Tornadus after 1,878 soft resets in Black (+ Therian Forme)

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The second of the Kami/Weather trio in Black and White has been obtained. I went to 14,000+ for Thundurus so I was blessed with a much shorter hunt this time with Tornadus. I do think these are kinda underrated as far as shinies go. They’re really interesting Pokemon with a good amount of lore and creation put into them.

If you’re curious about hunting these yourself, I recommend you obtain the form before hunting as it’ll really speed up your resets. I used Johnstone’s video on the 3DS app Dream Radar, reverted them to their normal form using the Reveal Glass, and then sent them to Black and White. Here’s the video for that here;

Give John a sub while you’re there, please!

They really scaled down the roamer mechanics in Gen V with the community referring to these as pseudo-roamers. Their location is limited based on the time of day and you can see which route yours will be on and when here; #Generation_V

Sadly roamers have all but left the series at this point as they went even further in Gen 6 by near-enough removing them (and they’re locked in Gen 6 so who cares really…)

I hope you found this video interesting!


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