BEST CUTESY "SOFT GIRL" CC | Sims 4 Custom Content Showcase (Maxis Match)

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Today we're starting a new cc showcase series where I'm showing you guys my best cc finds for a specific style/aesthetic! Today's custom content is all maxis match and super cute, perfect for the soft girl look! ❤️ OPEN FOR LINKS

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Minako hair -
Alice hair -
Lollipop hair -
Susie hair -
Beverly hair -
Lillian hair -
Belle hair -
Mahou hair -
PomPom hair -
Lovegirl hair -

Headband -
Beret set -
Braided cat ears -

Flushed blush -
Lillian blush -
Pucca blush -
Face stars -
Juliet lips -
Charming Lips -
Patched up knees -

Amy earrings & necklace -
Heart nose ring -
Kingdom choker -
Lollipop earrings -
Claude choker -
Heart septum -
Juliet earrings -
Butterfly set -
Bow earrings -
Rainbow earrings -
Watch -
Motive ring set -

Lily of the Valley top -
Bonny sweater -
You and I lace top -
Xio top -
Ringer crop top -
Lila top -
Oroka sweater -
Sunny summer top -
Splash cropped cardigan -
Heart hole jumper -

Love Me Right jeans -
Dani skirt -
Jellybean jeans -
Tori skirt -
Magnolia jeans -
Magnolia shorts -
Wendy skirt -
Attaboy skirt -
Work it skirt -
Claire skirt -

Candy Pop dress -
Hearty dress -
Strawberry dress -
Cloudy skies dress -
Swan dress -

Frilly socks -
Rainbow socks -
Naptime socks -
Cat stockings -

Iris shoes -
Soleil boots -
Nana bow sneakers -
Boudoir slippers -
Mismatch shoes -

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Where can I find?
Eyes - &
Eyelashes - & (the 3D ones)
Skins - &
CAS background -

How do you have 4 columns instead of 2?
- It's a mod called More Columns:

How do you move objects so smoothly?
- Turn on cheat and then hold the alt key while holding the item and placing it.


Intro made by MsGryphi -
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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