ASMR massage, hair brushing + relaxation with a subscriber in Paris ???????? (soft spoken)

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This video brings back so many good memories for me as it was filmed back in February with one of my amazing subscribers while I was visiting Paris. I went to France by myself but truly felt like I was surrounded by so many friends and familiar faces. I love filming ASMR while traveling so I was very pleased to create this video. Sawsan came over to my AirBnB in late afternoon and we chatted about ASMR and the differences between Paris and LA then we set up a small filming area. It was winter and the weather had been very cold & rainy all week. My Air Bnb only had one small heater so we filmed next to it where it was comfortable and warm.

Before leaving Paris, I was also able to spend one of my last afternoons chatting with a group of subscribers over coffee and tea. I have so many good memories in Paris and I thought of them fondly while editing and rewatching this video. I hope you find this video relaxing and comforting. ❤️

*NOTE*: This video was filmed before any health concerns. I have been taking precautions and social distancing since the pandemic began.

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