ASMR Amazing Face lifting experience in Japan (Soft Spoken, Full version)

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ASMR Amazing Face lifting experience in Japan (Soft Spoken, Full version)

Today, we prepared something very special. This video includes cleansing, burning face fat, skin care that you can do even by yourself at home. please relax and enjoy this soft spoken ASMR facial. You can experience Japanese skin care and anti aging secrets.
This facial Salon named ""Luchuna~ルチュナ~" is located in Osaka, Japan 大阪府大阪市城東区今福東2丁目7-15
I leave their website and other info for you to book your reservation????
This is a short train ride from
Osaka Castle. (Japan)
This is the only BITEN massage school and beauty health salon outside of Tokyo.

Follow their Instagram:

Time stamps
00:00 preview
01:17 Drink and measuring face
4:02 Face cleansing
21:55 Face lifting & burning fat
33:10 Eye massage & Neck
44:52 Green mask & head massage
54:47 Final result
58:57 Salon tour

Disclaimer: This video isn't sponsored and I once uploaded short version (24 mins) of this video.
So many people loved this video before so I had to upload this long version too ????❤

#ASMR #facemassage #facial

Have a sweet dreams!

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